Karaoke Room Themes

Karaoke Room Options in St. Pete

We have seven themed rooms available for you to book for your next party, corporate outing or other events. Take a look at these rooms and decide which space will make your next gathering a smash hit you’ll never forget!

Studio LALA

Enjoy a night of disco until you drop! If you like sparkles, holographics and unmistakable ’70s flair, this room is sure to knock your socks off. Room capacity is up to 14 people.


Up to 5 People, you can appreciate a more intimate setting in our glam room, stylized with a glossy black ceiling, mirrors and red booths.

Rock and Red


Invite friends, family members or coworkers to live like rockstars for a night in this grunge-style artist room with bulb light mirrors and a red booth where you’ll take in the experience. Room capacity is up to 14 people.


Lawbreakers can escape the world and sing the night away with glasses full of happiness in the prohibition room. We promise not to tell anyone what’s really inside them! Room capacity is up to 12 people. Please note there are no windows in this room.


Our largest room with a capacity of 18, your company retreat or family reunion just got a lot more comfortable! Imagine the island breezes as you enjoy the show surrounded by tropical walls, greenery, and musical accents for you to enjoy the show.


Up to 10 People, you are the star in this Room ! Perform on the red carpet of your dreams in our sleek awards room. With black, white and gold accents, the red carpet steals the show in this room — at least until you arrive! Room size: 130 sqft

Recording Studio

Bring people “on-air” into our studio room, complete with a sound-proof foam ceiling and a great view of the studio where you’ll record your debut album. Room Capacity is up to 8 people. Please note there are no windows in this room.

Learn more about LALA St. Pete and check out a tour of our karaoke rooms in this new video from Taste and See Tampa Bay!