Four people singing karaoke with one person holding a microphone

Best Songs to Sing at Karaoke and How to Choose the Biggest Hits

Best Songs to Sing at Karaoke and How to Choose the Biggest Hits

July 21, 2023


Four people singing karaoke with one person holding a microphone

Karaoke offers a chance to express our inner rock star, belt out our favorite anthems and make memorable moments. Choosing the best karaoke songs is the key to a triumphant performance. Let’s explore how to select the perfect songs to sing in karaoke that will leave a permanent imprint on your audience or friends.

How to Choose a Karaoke Song

When picking a song to sing at karaoke, try out the following tips.

Identifying Your Vocal Range and Style

Understanding your vocal abilities and limitations is vital in choosing a karaoke song. Only some people can do justice to big ballads, but partaking in karaoke is about having fun and not about showing off your musical abilities.

There are ways to learn how to sing, starting with knowing your range and style. Play with different genres and themes and find your comfort zone. Consider whether you prefer ballads, upbeat tracks or soulful tunes.

Pay attention to the song’s key and range, choosing a song that matches your vocal range to showcase your talent and deliver a confident performance. Taking these key elements into account can make or break your song selection.

Reflecting on Your Personality and Emotions

Karaoke is about expressing your personality and emotions. Choose the best karaoke song that resonates and reflects who you are. Whether you want to bring out your inner diva, showcase humor or convey intense emotions, choosing the right song will help to express how you feel and relate to those around you on a deeper level.

Tailoring Your Song Choice to Your Performance Style

Your on-stage style plays a meaningful role in choosing the best karaoke song. Are you a natural comedian, a dramatic performer or a bundle of energy on stage? Adapt the song to match your style and accentuate your strengths. Consider experimenting with other structures or creating striking covers to make the song your own.

Considering Song Length and Audience Attention Span

In the world of karaoke, timing is everything. Avoid excessively long or monotonous songs that may lose the audience’s interest. Opt for songs with unforgettable choruses, catchy hooks or instrumental breaks that allow you to engage with the audience.


Three people singing karaoke with microphones in their hands.

Strike a balance between showcasing your talent and keeping the momentum of the performance alive. Think about the venue and who you’re audience is. It is often much more fun reserving a private karaoke room and enjoying your favorite songs with your friends.

Preparing and Practicing Your Chosen Song

Here are three ways to be the best showperson in the room:

  • Familiarizing yourself with the song: Once you have chosen the perfect karaoke song, it’s time to prepare and practice. Familiarize yourself with the lyrics and melody of the song. It’s so much easier to release your inner superstar if you know the words. Listen to the original version, study the phrasing and pay close attention to the nuances of the vocal arrangement.
  • Practicing vocal techniques: Practice vocal techniques and delivery to improve your performance. Work on your breath control, energy levels and expressions. Experiment with different vocal styles, such as adding a touch of raspiness or incorporating melodic embellishments, to make the song uniquely yours.
  • Rehearsing with karaoke tracks or live instruments: If you are introverted or shy, plan your karaoke songs. Rehearse with online karaoke tracks or live instruments to get comfortable with the timing and arrangement of the song. This will help you build confidence and ensure a smooth performance on stage. Practice in front of a mirror to improve your stage presence and body language. Consider recording yourself to fine-tune your performance further.

Karaoke Classics and Favorites

Karaoke classics are tried and tested crowd-pleasers that ensure audience participation and pleasure. These songs have stood the test of time and always got people to sing along. Consider adding these popular karaoke songs to your repertoire:

  • “Bohemian Rhapsody” – Queen: This iconic rock anthem by Queen defies established song forms and allows entertainers to showcase their versatility and vocal range. Its operatic sections, soaring harmonies and rock opera elements make it a favorite among karaoke enthusiasts.
  • “Sweet Caroline” – Neil Diamond: Neil Diamond’s 1969 hit is an infectious sing-along song that promotes a sense of unity and fun. Its catchy chorus and uplifting lyrics make it a guaranteed show-stopper on any karaoke night.
  • “Don’t Stop Believin’” – Journey: This power anthem by Journey has gained popularity thanks to its inclusion in popular TV shows and movies. Its universal statement of hope and perseverance resonates with audiences, making it a go-to for karaoke performers.
  • “Livin’ on a Prayer” – Bon Jovi: Bon Jovi’s vibrant hit from 1986 is synonymous with anthemic performances. Its catchy chorus and powerful vocals make it ideal for channeling your inner rockstar and getting the entire room singing along.
  • “I Will Always Love You” – Whitney Houston: Whitney Houston’s version of this timeless ballad in the 1992 film “The Bodyguard” became a global sensation. But be careful — it is not an easy tune to master. Singing this song requires skill and control, but delivering it with finesse will leave your audience in awe.

Exploring Lesser-Known Karaoke Songs

While karaoke classics are always a safe bet, exploring lesser-known songs can add a touch of wonder and surprise to your time on stage. Incorporate these hidden gems into your karaoke playlist:

  • “Valerie” – Amy Winehouse: Amy Winehouse’s soulful cover of this song, originally performed by The Zutons, allows performers to showcase their vocal talent and stage presence.
  • “I Want to Dance with Somebody” – Whitney Houston: Whitney Houston’s energetic vocals shine in this dance-pop anthem. Its catchy chorus, upbeat tempo and feel-good lyrics make it a surefire crowd-pleaser, inspiring everyone to sing and dance along.
  • “Hotel California” – Eagles: Released in 1976, “Hotel California” is an iconic rock classic known for its haunting lyrics, captivating guitar solos and intricate harmonies. Performing this song at karaoke allows singers to display their storytelling abilities and deliver the song’s evocative narrative, captivating the audience with its timeless appeal.
  • “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” – Eurythmics: Who are we to resist the allure of one of Annie Lennox’s resounding new wave anthems? Crafted alongside her musical partner, Dave Stewart, in the wake of their former band’s demise, “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” holds a special place in the collective consciousness. With its infectious synthesizer riffs and catchy, repetitive lyrics, chances are you already know this ’80s gem. Raise your voice proudly and let this karaoke anthem echo through the room.
  • “I Will Survive” – Gloria Gaynor: There are moments when you must boldly face a sea of strangers and declare your unwavering resilience against life’s trials and tribulations. In such instances, disco diva Gloria Gaynor’s timeless breakup anthem becomes your rallying cry. Originating in 1978, this empowering track ignited dance floors with its infectious groove. While alt-rocker band of the ’90s Cake offers an alternative cover, nothing compares to Gaynor’s original version, an embodiment of grooviness that knows no bounds.

By exploring both karaoke classics and lesser-known gems, you can create a diverse and captivating karaoke playlist that showcases your range as a performer. Remember to add your unique touch and style to these songs, making them your own and leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

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