Ideas for Catching Up With Friends

Ideas for Catching Up With Friends

May 13, 2024


You finally have free time to spend with friends — yay! The group chat is abuzz. Everyone is coordinating their busy schedules and are eager to get together. However, coming up with a great activity your whole crew will enjoy can be a challenge. That’s why we are sharing a dozen ideas for a fantastic time with your favorite people.

Use this guide the next time you need help brainstorming fun activities with friends.

13 Activities to Do With Friends

Whether you’re looking to stay in or go out, there are endless opportunities to spend a few fun hours with your friends. Explore our list of the top ideas below:

1. Karaoke and Drinks

Few activities are as fun and cathartic as having a few drinks and singing your heart out with the people you love. Get your crew together and visit a karaoke establishment like LALA St. Pete.


As one of the best places to meet up with friends in the Tampa Bay area, LALA St. Pete features two full-service bars and seven themed karaoke rooms. Your group can forgo any embarrassment of singing in front of strangers by booking a private room for a couple of hours of nonstop musical entertainment.

2. Movie Marathon

Hosting a movie marathon is another great idea for catching up and spending time with friends. Stock up on candy, snacks and popcorn before inviting your crew over for a few hours of cinematic fun.

There are several ways to conduct your marathon. You can:

  • Have everyone submit a title they want to watch and pick it randomly from a hat.
  • Stick with a specific theme or genre.
  • Watch all the movies in a particular series.

3. Game Night

If you’d prefer a low-key evening with friends, consider hosting a game night. Invite your group over and have them bring their favorite board or card games. Order a pizza and grab a few drinks while you let your competitive streak shine.

You could also kick game night up a notch by hosting an elaborate murder mystery party, where your group can put more advanced detective skills to work.

4. Cooking Class

Whether you’re new to the kitchen or you love whipping up a delicious meal, you can learn so much about the art of food by following an expert instructor. You can choose from countless options, like a pasta-making course or a sourdough bread workshop.

If your crew doesn’t want to commit to a professional course, consider bringing everyone together to try a new recipe at home.

5. Day Trip

Your friends can also get together for a lovely day trip to a nearby beach, landmark, concert or museum. There are endless ways to spend a day out and about. Stock up on road trip snacks and create a shared playlist to enjoy in the car together.

If you’re interested in a slightly extended trip, check out cool staycation spots in your area where you can spend the night.

6. Spa Day

If you’re wondering what to do with a friend who wants to relax and unwind, consider booking a spa day. This is the perfect idea for individuals who lead hectic and busy daily lives. Make use of all the amenities. Go to the sauna together or take a yoga class. You can reserve treatments together, like massages or facials, and enjoy unwinding in peace.

A few hours of connecting, decompressing and melting your stresses away can do wonders for your friendship.

7. Walking or Hiking

If you’re looking for an inexpensive and active excursion to enjoy with your closest friends, invite them to go on a walk or hike with you. Besides giving you a chance to catch up on each other’s lives and connect with nature, these outings help you lead a healthier life overall.

Meet up by the shore or find a nearby walking trail, and enjoy a few hours of fresh air and physical movement together.

8. Theme Night

Another idea for catching up with friends is hosting a theme night. You can invite your crew over for a few drinks or hit the town in outfits that suit a specific concept, such as:

  • Roaring ’20s
  • Space cowboy
  • Old Hollywood glamour
  • Pirates
  • Sports teams
  • Christmas

Have the group vote on the best costume and give the winner an award for their commitment.

9. Pottery Painting

If your friend group is looking for something chill and easygoing, consider signing up for a pottery painting session. You can put your artist hats on and spend a few hours creating one-of-a-kind ceramics you can treasure for years to come.

10. Trying a New Workout

Active friends can link up and try a new workout together. This is ideal for those who have children or busy jobs and are unable to commit a few hours to hanging out. Instead, you can meet up on your lunch break or after work to go to the gym or attend a new yoga or spin class. Plus, studies show exercising with a buddy can positively impact your mental and physical health.

11. Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is an exciting and unique activity to do with the people you love. These establishments are increasingly popular, and you can have plenty of fun even as a beginner. Let your inner competitor shine and see which of your friends has the best aim. You can place bets, grab a bite to eat and spend a couple of hours perfecting your throws.

12. Go-Karting

If your friend group is looking to get the adrenaline pumping, consider hitting a race track for a few hours of go-karting. You and your best pals can let your competitive streaks shine at an establishment like Tampa Bay Grand Prix in Clearwater, Florida.

The go-karts at Tampa Bay Grand Prix reach an exhilarating speed of 50 miles per hour, and you can book a private room to enjoy your time together in a relaxed atmosphere.

13. Volunteering

Finally, invite your friends to volunteer for a special cause with you. Whether you’re walking dogs at a local animal rescue, serving food at a shelter or cleaning up litter on a local shoreline, giving back will bring your crew closer together.

Encourage your friends to get outside of their comfort zones and dedicate their free time to improving the lives of others — all while getting plenty of quality time with the people who matter most.

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