10 Awesome Health Benefits of Singing

10 Awesome Health Benefits of Singing

November 10, 2023

While karaoke lets us showcase our talents and create memorable moments with friends, it offers so much more. From supporting the heart and lungs to reducing stress and blood pressure, there are so many amazing health advantages you can experience just by belting out your favorite tunes. So, bring your friends along, grab a microphone and look forward to the following benefits of karaoke:

1. Releases Endorphins

One of the most significant singing health benefits is its ability to release endorphins, the hormones responsible for making us happy. Scientists believe this happens as it promotes socializing and self-expression — both of which can factor into better well-being and reduced stress. Especially after a long day, singing can help release tension from the mind and body and create a sense of belonging. When you’re singing, you’re less focused on your troubles and more on the shared experiences and laughter in the moment.

2. Relieves Stress

Singing can reduce the stress hormone cortisol and help put us at ease. At the same time, singing along to your favorite song can slow your heart rate and allow you to breathe easier, which can help you relax. One study showed that singing in a choir greatly alleviates stress among members — showcasing the powerful effects of singing, especially when surrounded by others. The next time you have a difficult day, put on your favorite playlist and lose yourself in the music.

3. Supports Heart Health

Numerous studies reveal the benefits singing has on our heart health. One found that singing just a few songs can lower blood pressure, enhance blood circulation and improve cardio function. As we sing, we use our cardiorespiratory system to optimize breathing. More oxygenation means strengthened chest wall muscles, and improved body circulation and heart rate. With these effects lasting for hours, just imagine the benefits belting out two songs every day could have on our overall health!

If you or someone you know has high blood pressure, regular karaoke sessions are a great idea. Not only will you have fun and create lasting memories, but your heart will benefit too.

4. Stimulates the Brain

Singing karaoke can sharpen your concentration and problem-solving skills — revealing its impact on brain health. The activity involves following lyrics, rhythm and melody, which can help keep us focused and our minds sharp. As we sing, air flows to the brain to stimulate nerve activity and increase excitement, offering many physical, mental and emotional benefits. Studies have shown this level of activity might also boost cognitive function to counteract age-related decline in older adults.

5. Burns Calories

A lesser-known health benefit of singing is its ability to help us burn calories. While it might not be as much as running or hitting the gym, karaoke can help us burn a comparable amount of calories as walking, yoga or completing light house chores. It makes sense as we use many muscle groups to sing, including the diaphragm, back muscles and oblique. Our facial muscles also get a great workout from singing, making karaoke a natural, fun and easy workout.

6. Improves Speech

Speech therapy can help people who have experienced a stroke adapt and strengthen their speaking abilities. In fact, doctors have discovered that singing can be a great way to reactivate parts of the brain impacted by a stroke. Many speech therapists have begun experimenting with music and singing therapy — specifically karaoke therapy — using melodic intonation to help people with speech impediments. Singing is an especially valuable therapeutic tool because it is a universal form of musical expression as natural as speaking.

7. Builds Confidence

It takes considerable courage to stand up and sing in a room of people, but karaoke can help build up that confidence. As you sing, you can connect powerfully with the music, project your emotions and release tension in a creative form. Over time, karaoke becomes a way to shed your shyness and express yourself. The supportive environment is also beneficial, showing you that you can face a challenge and succeed.

There’s also a lot of joy to be found when learning a new skill. The more you practice, the more your voice will improve, encouraging you to continue and be proud of what you’ve accomplished. Whether you’ve been singing for a short while or for years, you can boost your self-esteem through karaoke.

8. Promotes Better Breathing

We use our entire bodies to sing, which can cause us to breathe better and with more ease. While inhaling and exhaling during karaoke, our diaphragm and lungs expand, causing our abdominal muscles to relax. Additionally, we tend to breathe much deeper when attempting those high notes, helping us exercise respiratory muscles.

In that sense, singing becomes a physical workout of the respiratory system. Numerous studies have found people with asthma, lung diseases and other chronic medical conditions can positively benefit from singing, showcasing its amazing impact on our respiratory health.

9. Improves Memory

Listening to and singing songs can reactivate areas in the brain associated with memory, reasoning, speech and reward. One study found that singing could positively impact the lives of people with dementia and their care partners. While karaoke offers the lyrics to you, you automatically access memories you have in your brain associated with that song. As mentioned, the learning and concentration parts of our brains are also affected by singing, both of which have a positive impact on memory.

10. Fosters Relationships

Singing karaoke fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie, which can also help strengthen your relationships in a community. In turn, you experience many health benefits of socializing — ranging from improved sleep to protection from chronic diseases. When you’re singing, you’re relaxed and in the moment. And when we’re with friends, there’s no need to feel shy or anxious. In that sense, karaoke becomes an act of bonding and self-expression for everyone involved. It can also be a great icebreaker when meeting new people!

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